Virtua Wings of Steel Celebrate
Written by Joanne Costantino

On Sunday, June 13, 2015, the Wings of Steel and their families came together for the annual banquet luncheon to celebrate the accomplishments of this growing team of impressive athletes with different abilities.

Please read this Roll Call of determined and valiant young people that get to enjoy the camaraderie of belonging to a team sport, regardless of perceived limitations.

William Chernets, Most improved newer player.

New Rookies, who stuck with it and learned the sport of Sled Hockey:
Lucas “the Razor” Harrop
Yazid Ismael
Yosef Ismael
Anthony Ambrose

Players who continue to gain skills and agility in the sled on the ice:
Josh “Big Stick” Everwine
Kai Dakhari
Paul “Freight Train” Tursi
Robert “the Beast” Vettese
Isaiah Beck
Jesse Beck
Michael “BuddhaMan’ Mauger
Garret “G-Man” Goebel, aka Mr. Tenacity
Joanna Costa

Our Graduating Seniors and moving on to begin a College experience:
Hisham “E” Nassar, Rowan University, New Jersey
Steven Potter, Full Sail University, Florida
Nikolai Jewell, Full Sail University, Florida

Coach Paul Valentine tasked the departing Seniors to return with a perspective of growth and personal responsibility that they would share with the younger team members, as we will follow them on their new journey and hope to share their experiences on our Alumni page, Where Are They Now.

Awards for Individual Achievement: Paul “Freight Train” Tursi, Most Improved Player, Paul even rescheduled surgeries so as not to interfere participating in the National Championship in Buffalo.

Jessica Shaw Award: Jess left this world too soon, two years ago. Jessica was the ‘mother figure’ and throughout her years as key team member of the Wings of Steel, she shepherded the young players who were just learning where they should or shouldn’t be on the ice, mentoring them through the logistics of the game and she never hesitated to share her opinion or thoughts, on just about anything. She was smart, honest and funny. Jessica’s legacy is remembered through this award. Her parents, Brian and Carolyn choose the player who demonstrates those qualities that remind us so much of her spunky personality. Jesse Beck is this year’s Recipient of the Jessica Shaw Award. Jesse is spunky in much the same way Jessica was, but as Coach Valentine noted, Jesse has a special snark about him. Congratulations, Jesse Beck.

Michael Senke Award: Michael was a young team member who passed away at the age of 12 in 2004. Michael’s parents Dennis and Diane choose the player who demonstrates heart and determination. This year the Michael Senk award is presented to Kayin Dakhari. Kai is someone who is never at a loss for words, and always brings a smile. Quoting Diane abut Kai, “No off button, never stops talking and a good answer for everything and all with a smile on his face.” Congratulations Kai Dakhari.

It’s customary to elect new members to the position of team captain and assistant captain, This year Coach Valentine chose to keep in place the team members who are currently in those positons as they continue to show growth and commitment to the Wings of Steel:

Michael ‘BuddhaMan’ Mauger - Captain
Isaiah Beck - Assistant Captain
Robert “the Beast” Vettese - Assistant Captain
Nathaniel Costa - Assistant Captain

Congratulations to the Wings of Steel and the great year they’ve had, looking forward to the 2015-2016 season!

Go Wings!!