2018 Disabled Festival, Chicago, ILL

This year the Wings of Steel travelled to the Windy city to play in the annual tournament. Because this was the biggest year yet for the most teams entered, 130 plus nation side, the schedule was divided over 2 weekends, with the Wings playing a rare Thursday night game. Some players didn’t arrive till game time, and Coach Valentine scrambled to assemble a lineup. Despite being short-handed the Wings behind Paulie “Freight Train” Tursi, in nets and a hat trick by Xander Satterfield the Wings won 5-0 against the Minnesota Wild. Game 2 on Friday morning saw the Wings get a hat trick from Robert “the Beast” Vettese as they defeated the Hornets Sled Skaters 4-1. Matt Chowansky also scored for the Wings as he continued his torrid weekend. The Wings made it into the semifinals, which was as good as we had hoped. Mikayla Johnson would score her first goal as a Wing over the weekend.

With Freight Train facing 75 shots, he had his finest performance playing a position, in goal, one he’s rather not play. It speaks to Paul’s character as he puts the team’s needs first and what a great attitude he demonstrates for his young team mates. Also coming up big on defense, William “Nets” Chernet was a force in front of Paulie. All in all, it was a successful weekend for this young Wings team and the future looks very bright!

Written by Mike Costantino