About Sled Hockey

We would like to introduce you to a fairly new and expanding sport for the disabled.

Most people are aware of wheelchair sports such as Track & Field and Basketball. What most people don’t know is that the disabled can also play ice hockey.

The formal name for it is Sled Hockey (Sledge Hockey in Canada and Europe). Sled Hockey was first developed in Norway in 1971 in order to meet the special recreational, emotional and physical needs of disabled children and adults.

Sled Hockey is similar to ice hockey. It uses many of the same rules, with the biggest difference being in the equipment used. Players are strapped into small sleds, which have a backrest and 2 skate blades on the bottom. Instead of one long stick, these players use two short sticks with metal picks on one end and a blade on the other. They use the pick end to propel themselves across the ice, and then when it’s time to handle the puck, they just turn their wrists and handle it side to side with the blade ends.

The sleds are high enough off the ice surface that they can pass the puck underneath from side to side. The rest of the equipment is basically the same as standard hockey. . . helmet with face shield, gloves as well as shoulder, leg and elbow pads.

During the game, six players are on the ice including the goaltender and they use the full size ice rink.

Sled Hockey is one of many activities, which can provide players the opportunity to improve endurance, coordination, strength, social skills and more. Whether at a competitive or non-competitive level of play, sled hockey can aid in improving players attention span, self-confidence and decision making skills. The players gain a sense of belonging and form lasting friendships with which they have something in common. It also teaches them to work with others in a team environment, which is a skill that will aid them throughout life in school and work!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an Athlete? To hear the roar of the crowd from the floor of the arena and not from the seats? To dress with a team? To listen to the coach as he gives last minute instructions for the next big game? To be a part of something very few people will ever have the experience of being a part of? If you have ever wanted to experience what this would be like, but thought this could never happen to me? Well then, do we have an opportunity for you! Currently, this sport is being expanded in the Delaware Valley. There currently is a team that plays in Southeastern Pennsylvania and a new team is forming in Southern New Jersey. Both teams are currently looking for players.

If you would like more information about Sled Hockey or would like to attend a practice, contact:

Tom Brake, Coach
Atlantic District Vice President
Disabled Sports
Home: 856-232-4717
Cell 856-261-6880
E-mail: tbrake@virtuawingsofsteel.org