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Life with a disability covers the spectrum of emotional and physical challenges for the disabled person as well as the family. There is little time for social activities when faced with time consuming doctors’ visits, hospital stays and surgeries. Staying healthy takes priority over playing or participating in activities.

Life takes on a different tempo that often does not include intramural sports or joining a team of some type of activity that does not include the need for assistance or medical supervision. Appropriate adaptive activities, especially for physically disabled and fragile children, are not nearly as available as things like T-ball and Soccer within our communities. 

Adaptive activities for the disabled community usually require expensive customized equipment, specially constructed to allow for safe participation. Many find the expense of adaptive athletic equipment simply does not fit in the household budget. 

Here follows some brief introspections and observations from family members of the kids who play on the Wings of Steel. On this team, no child is ever turned away for financial hardship. In many cases the Wings of Steel is the only activity outside the home that a kid participates in. Our fundraising efforts have helped pay for our ice time, repair and maintain equipment and provide new equipment when needed, so that every kid gets to be part of an activity where everyone is equally enabled. We are always eager to accept the generosity and support of the corporate community, in fact, the kids count on it.