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Acknowledgements 2018

Ramblewood Country Club has been a steadfast supporter since the inception of this event. They have helped the club by allowing the tournament to always kick off the last Friday in April, making it a day our participants plan for in advance. Especially of note is that the Ramblewood staff is always gracious and helpful in any way to make this day a success for the kids who play in the Wings of Steel Sled hockey team.

We honored Joe DiLauro, who has been with us from the beginning and travels from Boston each year, with Don Saleski, also a supporter from the beginning; we gave Joe a Flyers jersey with number 11, in honor of Saleski and our 11th annual outing.

With almost 200 golfers and over 270 dinner guests, the evening moved along nicely. With Brian Startare once again the emcee, as he has always done, he got people to spend money. We had a few new sponsors and just to name a few, MJ Kelly Electric, Cooper Electric, M.A.D.Contractors and Endurance Auto and Body. With many live auction items up for grabs, Endurance Auto purchased an autographed Flyers stick and gave it to Mikayla Johnson, who scored her first goal at the disabled Festival in Chicago. Just one of the many kind gestures showed by our supporters.