Alumni Update
Inductees: 2016

Tim Jones

Tim Jones
Written by Joanne Costantino

Timothy Jones, age 28, lives in Mount Ephraim. Tim wore jersey #3 when playing 6 seasons for the Wings of Steel from May 2000 to 2006. One of his most awesome sled hockey memories is being part of the Gold Medal winning Sled Hockey team in the 2010 Paralympics in Vancouver. He continues to play Sled Hockey with the Philadelphia Flyers Sled Team and recently competed with them at the USA Hockey Disabled Festival in Detroit this past April.

Although Tim keeps in touch with some of his former team mates, he wished he’d make more time with them and misses them. Tim’s family includes his Mom Virginia, his brother Bryan, sister Patti and his little daughter Melly.

Being a member of a team like the Wings of Steel was a learning and motivating experience for Tim. There was no such mindset of something you couldn’t do because of a disability, but so much support in how much you can do regardless. That kind of support and encouragement gave Tim the motivation to prove that he could and would do things other people said he wasn’t able to.

In Tim’s own words: “If it wasn’t for this program I wouldn’t have been able to have the success I’ve had in the world of sled hockey. A special thanks to the people who didn’t give up on me and who have become mentors. First I’d like to thank Tom Brake, Dennis Senk. Norm Jones, Paul Valentine and Brain Shaw, all gentlemen who have been like a father to me in their own ways. They have given me the tools to grow up into the man I am today, with an occasional dose of ‘butt whoopings’ when I needed it the most. A special thanks to my Mom for putting up with me over the years and helping me accomplish one of my dreams. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all.”