Anthony Kensinger, AK #47
Written by Joanne Costantino

Anthony Kensinger lives in Medford. Presently he is in his freshman year at Burlington County College and will be moving on to Stockton State College where he will continue his studies in Business Administration. He eventually plans to work toward attaining his MBA. In the meantime, along with his studies at BCC he holds a part-time job at WaWa.

Anthony joined the Wings of Steel in his freshman year at Seneca High School in Tabernacle and played as defenseman and goalie, in jersey number 47, until he aged out after his senior year.

His fondest memories are of the camaraderie shared with the team, whether it was on the bench, in the locker room or during games. There was never a dull moment when with the team. “Everyone was so upbeat and positive no matter what.” Like many of his former teammates, he keeps in touch with his friends through social media.

Although he no longer belongs to a team, he does continue to play open hockey sessions at the Igloo in Mt. Laurel, several times a week.

When asked to pinpoint any special life lesson he gained while playing Sled Hockey Anthony said, “I learned the truth behind the saying, ‘the only disability in life is a bad attitude’. Playing with the Wings was truly life changing. I learned that I could do anything with hard work and no handicap could stop me.”

For Anthony, family is everything, especially his relationship with his Mom. “My Mom was always there for me to wake up at the crack of dawn for a game. She didn’t care how far away it was, she would get me out there. My Mom is my hero and I owe her a lot.”