1. Name, position and number
    Garrett Goebel, #5, Offense - Wing / Defense

  2. Best experience on the ice??
    Scoring my first goal against the parent’s team. I also got a penalty called against my Dad.

  3. Favorite Hockey Player?
    My favorite hockey player is Michael Richards.

  4. What does playing sled hockey means to you??
    I love playing a sport like my friends. We are the best hockey team in the country and I like winning.

  5. Favorite Athlete that doesn’t play hockey??
    My favorite athlete that doesn't play hockey is Ryan Howard - Phillies.

  6. Person you admire the most??
    The person I admire the most are my parents – they do everything for me.

  7. Do you have a nickname?? If no, any suggestions for one?
    Yes, G-Man.

  8. Three Favorite TV Shows??
    My top three favorite T.V. Shows are I-Carly, Jonny Test and Phineas and Ferb.

  9. Top 3 Favorite Movies??
    My top three favorite movies are Captain America, G-Force and Yogi Bear.

  10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years??
    In five years, I see myself playing sled hockey and boat racing.

  11. If you could go out to dinner with 1 person, who would that be??
    I would love to go out to dinner with Captain America. I can talk to him about how strong he is and being a hero.

  12. What is your favorite part of practice??
    My favorite part of practice is I love skating in my sled. I love going fast and now I can turn on one blade. It is cool to go fast down the ice and crash into the boards.