1. Name, position and number
    Jesse Beck, center, #3

  2. Best experience on the ice??
    My best experience on the ice was scoring first goal.

  3. Favorite Hockey Player?
    My favorite hockey player is Mike Modano.

  4. What does playing sled hockey means to you??
    Having fun and helping your team out.

  5. Favorite Athlete that doesn’t play hockey??
    My favorite athlete that doesn't play hockey is Tim Tebow.

  6. Person you admire the most??
    The person I admire the most is Mike Modano.

  7. Do you have a nickname?? If no, any suggestions for one?
    Yes, Jesse the “JET”.

  8. Three Favorite TV Shows??
    My top three favorite T.V. Shows are Dark Oricle, Magi Nation and Tichi Chasers.

  9. Top 3 Favorite Movies??
    My top three favorite movies are Star Wars, Thor are Spider Man.

  10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years??
    In five years, I see myself still playing hockey, hopefully.

  11. If you could go out to dinner with 1 person, who would that be??
    I would love to go out to dinner with Taylor Swift.

  12. What is your favorite part of practice??
    My favorite part of practice is playing scrimmage games.