1. Name, position and number
    My name is Jessica Shaw, I play either wing or center and my number is 24.

  2. Best experience on the ice??
    My best experience on the ice was when I scored two goals in a game against the “DC Snipers” last season

  3. Favorite Hockey Player?
    My favorite hockey player is my dad because he got me interested in the game of hockey.

  4. What playing sled hockey means to you??
    Playing sled hockey means that despite having a disability, I can go out on the ice and play a sport like any other individual, just with a few adaptations.

  5. Favorite Athlete that doesn’t play hockey??
    When I was younger, I loved Randall Cunningham from the EAGLES because he was a great quarterback.

  6. Person you admire the most??
    The person I admire the most is my mom, she has always been there for me when I needed her.

  7. Do you have a nickname?? If no, any suggestions for one?

  8. Three Favorite TV Shows??
    My top three favorite T.V. Shows are Cake Boss, DC Cupcakes and Dog the Bounty Hunter.

  9. Top 3 Favorite Movies??
    My top three favorite movies are, My Sisters Keeper because my mom and I went to see it and cried our eyes out, Bridesmaids because we laughed hysterically, and Beauty and the Beast because it was a great movie.

  10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years??
    In five years, I see myself working at a steady job and helping younger disabled kids get started playing sled hockey.

  11. If you could go out to dinner with 1 person, who would that be??
    I would love to go out to dinner with Chef Emeril Lagasse so he could make all of my favorite foods!!

  12. What is your favorite part of practice??
    My favorite part of practice is when I don’t have to hear Coach Norm blow his whistle every five minutes!!!!!!!! I also like when Coach Paul gets everyone involved in all of the drills.